• An authentic television experience can now be had on any device.

    Welcome to the Next Generation of Web TV

    Martell TV is an easy to use, channel surfing experience. Our internet platform is designed to empower visual creators and their audiences.
    Our goal is to liberate viewers from the traditional cable TV model by empowering content owners to operate independent networks with a global reach.

  • Quality. Speed. Simplicity. Freedom. 

    Use the Martell TV platform to deliver video content directly to mobile and smart TV devices worldwide.

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    Build A TV Station Without Limits

    From tablets in LA, to a smart TV in China and mobile in Paris. Martell TV eliminates regional distribution restrictions. It's easy to operate a television broadcast to any device, anywhere in the world.
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    Schedule Your Episodes In Seconds

    Schedule an entire week of hourly or serial programming in minutes. We provide the fastest broadcast automation solution on the market.
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    Leanback Watching

    Playback quality is formatted for clear display on all devices. MartellTV seamlessly integrates with Chromecast, AppleTV, Roku and other streaming services to turn any device into a cable box + remote control combo.
  • What is MartellTV?

  • An Easily Customized Programming Guide Designed To Grow Your Audience


    Multi-Channel Scheduler Feature

    In traditional broadcasting, network scheduling is a full-time position. The user friendly interface helps you create an episodic programming guide in minutes. Our proprietary algorithm utilizes 15+ data points including ratings, keywords and broadcast time to organize your content into Episode Containers designed to keep your audience engaged. The end result is a simple process with minimal learning curve and low maintenance time.

  • Viewers. Creators. Advertisers. 
    MartellTV Is A Better Way To Connect

    You Call The Shots With 100% Ad Revenue Control.
    Youtube is entitled to half your ad revenue simply for being a video hosting service. It's your content. Shouldn't you decide the value of it? MartellTV station owners are entitled to 100% of their ad revenue.
    Got Great Content? Grow Your Audience
    Our platform provides a cable-quality channel guide. This allows millions of viewers to easily browse station categories and find your high-quality content. Unlike the YouTube search engine and Vimeo storage models, MartellTV makes your content easy to find with station guides--just like broadcast television. Our platform gives veiwers access to the highest quality interviews, music programs, filmmakers, comedy sketches and documentaries that they might otherwise miss. 
    A TV Station Beats Apps and Uploads. (By A Lot)
    Our team believes that internet television is still in its infancy. Part of our mission is creating the future of web content curation and distribution. The channel guide and our focus on hourly programming is what sets us apart. 

    MartellTV is not an app marketplace (Roku), hosting container (YouTube) or plug-in (AppleTV). We offer a broadcast-ready TV station that loads onto any device, anywhere in the world. We're proud to offer content creators absolute control of value, distribution, hosting and audience size for their work. 

  • Easily build and manage new Stations.

    Cable Broadcasting Features

    Whether you create or aggregate your content, MartellTV offers seamless and affordable delivery to a global audience.
    Utilize our intuitive CRM suite, thorough billing system, analytics tools and over-the-top (OTT) service. We equip you to sell your own advertising inventory and retain complete ownership of ad revenue.

    Our core mission is to even the playing field. MartellTV empowers you to run all aspects of a TV station with just laptop and internet connection. 

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    Optimized for all screen sizes.

    Our user interface integrates with any device to maximize screen space for easy viewing.
    The Search Page

    It's Like Pandora for TV

    Your content is displayed to audiences on pages with relevant viewer interest, watching history and genre preferences. We've optimized our search features for targeted exposure to the fans most likely to subscribe to your Channel.
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    Interactive Station Pages

    With one-click subscriptions, fans can add your Station to their customized hourly programming guide. 
    Our integrated email system allows you easily update fans from all of your platforms with promotional and status messages.
    MartellTV also offers visually formatted embed codes to broadcast your station from any website. 
    Organize videos from multiple video sources into a standard duration program.

    Schedule Videos From Any Source

    Use our proprietary Episode Container system to combine videos from anywhere on the web, from YouTube to Brightcove and everything in between. MartellTV broadcasting works with any platform so you'll never need to transport or re-upload existing video libraries.
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  • ...But Wait, There's More!

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    Grow With Us

    Stations and seasonal lineups will be prominently featured in our convention speeches, trade expos gear, social media updates and various promotional activities.
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    Reach Local Audiences

    Reaching out to a specific demographic? Our Hometown and City searches allow audiences to easily connect with your content. This provides great incentive for potential local advertisers on your Channel.
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    Painless Social Media Integration

    Audiences can share your Station or individual content with the push of a button. 
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